"Weep for yourself, my man, you’ll never be what is in your heart. Weep, little lion man, you’re not as brave as you were at the start. Rate yourself and rake yourself. Take all the courage you have left and waste it on fixing all the problems that you made in your own head."—

Not everyone was made to be a courageous leader, or the hero that was bound to save the day. Not everyone stood out amongst the rest, or even thought for themselves. Some people were meant to be followers, the supporting act needed in every story. Feeble was the boy that humbled those whom got too ahead of themselves. He was brave in that sense alone. Of course, that bravery of his did not last for long, for he would apologize right after one of his seldom acts of boldness. Of course, the boy could not be blamed for his neurotic persona. He had grown in an unstable home with a mother that was far too depressed to love her children, for she did not have enough of that for herself.

His mother was diagnosed with Postpartum Depression after having her first child —his older sister, Stitch. The doctors believed that she was stable enough to have another child once she came off the medication, but after Feeble came into the world, it was obvious that she was far from stable. She had the tendency of getting frustrated over the tiniest of matters, and sometimes it would get physical, so she was forced to go back on the meds if she wished to keep her children. Feeble was only slightly aware of how bad his mother could get, but with the innocent mind of a child, he thought she would never intentionally hurt them.

He lead a normal life for a long time; their household was stable, and his mother was off the medications for an entire year without any signs of withdrawal. To some, normalcy might’ve been boring, but to Feeble it was the safest he had ever felt. Although, that feeling of security only lasted for so long, for this was the real world after all; and the moment you let your guards down, was the moment you’d get stabbed in the back. That being said, it was far too literal in Feeble’s case. His mother was making dinner, and although she seemed out of sorts, he thought nothing of it. The moment he turned his back, he felt a sharp pain near his shoulder blade. Feeble did not stand up against her, being too overwhelmed with shock. The only reason he was alive was because of Stitch; she was always there when he needed her, always.

Things had gotten out of hand, and more blood was spilt; blood that was never intended to be poured. Their mother lied stiff at their feet; it was her very own doing, and they could not be held responsible for it. But what adult would’ve believed them? Peter was their saviour that night; and their haven was the land of the lost and forgotten, and that was exactly what they needed to be. Feeble tried his best to steer clear from the pirates and devils, he was in no form to be a fighter, nor did he attain the same bravery his sister had. Sometimes he felt like Peter only brought him along because Stitch wouldn’t leave him behind. He tried to not let that bother him, but he couldn’t help but want to impress Peter, show him that he was good enough to be in Neverland; but getting over one’s fear was a difficult task, perhaps too difficult for a feeble soul like his.



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"He often went out alone, and when he came back you were never absolutely certain whether he had an adventure or not. He might have forgotten it so completely that he said nothing about it; and then when you went out you found the body. "
- J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan

Many things thought dead and forgotten have stirred awake upon Pan’s return, and the pirates have no intention of letting the Boy King lord over them, never again. There is an uproar in Neverland: friend is pitted against friend, foes become allies all in the name of survival, and the battle over power is now under way with fervor.

Which side will you take?


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