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Hello everyone! Sincerest apologies for the seeming halt in activity; things have been crazy in real life for a lot of people, and the roleplay, at least the main, has suffered because of it. Due to this, and mine and Alli’s own personal social lives, we have decided to the put the main roleplay on a hiatus till the end of May. We will kick start the Savaged Children rp back up when that time comes, roll out a lot more characters we have queued up, and rehash a few things: it’ll be very much like a grand reopening! With most people out from underneath the thumb of academia by that time, we will be in a prime place to get the ball rolling again. We want to make clear that individual players are free to continue rp’ing, and that only the main will be “frozen”; we don’t want this to put off active players too horribly much, but we recognize that we, along with many others, have become too busy to fully support the roleplay. Players who take the hiatus along with the main will not be penalized, but we will check when we resume activity and send out the usual activity check message, so any players who want to “reclaim” their characters may do so and come back to the rp without a hitch, but this will also help us figure out who we need to reopen. We will be occasionally checking onto the main to look for questions or messages, but unless it’s a very pressing matter, we might wait to address issues till our reopening. We’ll be back June 1st; we can’t wait to see you all then!

- Admin Caitie


Anonymous: So looking at alot of the character blogs I've noticed some characters get more replies to starters than others, and some none at all, especially the new characters. If I apply for a new character will I just be ignored?

Some times, it simply comes down to who posts a starter when and how many people are on to reply to it. We always try to get to everyone, but especially now, with a lot of people going through the last few months of school, not everyone is on, or incredibly active. If you apply for a character, I can tell you that we will not ignore you, shut you out, or shut you down with any malicious intention or otherwise, as we always strive to. Everyone is welcome here, and we really do try to keep everyone in the loop and included if we can.

- Admin Caitie

Admin Notice

Hello hello, lovelies! Just wanted to drop on to update: I had a lot of real life drama crop up, pertaining, mostly, to my mum hurting her shoulder and getting swamped with academics, so I’ve been particularly absent from the main while I was sorting things out. On that note, though, I’m back to help out our lovely Alli once more, and to answer any and all questions. I personally apologize for any inconvenience our absence has caused, but we greatly appreciate everyone’s continued support and understanding. c: Thanks a million, dears!

- Admin Caitie


“You never live, you never learn. You never shine if you never burn. The rising tide, the undertow, the famine and the overflow. You turn away, welcome home.”—

There is something distinctly whimsical and regal about Misae; she holds herself in a way that makes rooms hush and people stop whatever they’re doing when she starts talking, and has an air about her that draws people in as if what she’s about to say is bound to be a good story. An only daughter, she was never necessarily held to high standards as she was more often being told her mother’s position as Keeper, the head historian of the Piccaninny, gave her unfair advantages within the tribe. Ever since she was a small girl, Misae has always felt the need to prove herself to people, and this quality has only just started to wane in recent years; even when she is slighted, she puts her people before her pride, and rarely puts even a hair out of place for the sake of saving personal face. When the tribe moved from the lowlands to Neverpeak Mountain, she was nothing more than one of many hopefuls vying for the position of Keeper. Her mother, a strict but majestic woman, never coddled her, and made her work for her position in the clan harder than, perhaps, she would have any other candidate, but in the end, no one could argue that Misae was the right person to carry on the Piccaninny legacy. It was an honored role that Misae took very much to heart, and she spent years dedicating every word, song, and lullaby to memory with reverence, which has ultimately shaped her very character. Playfully competitive but wise beyond her years, Misae has the tendency to throw everything she has into anything she does, and nearly nothing can quail her passion.

Only very recently recognized as the new Keeper after the death of her predecessor, Misae has slipped into the role with finesse, blooming like a wild flower in spring under her own prudence. She knows every old story, every lullaby, and is one of the best oral speakers the tribe has seen in near decades. Highly valued for her knowledge and steady views, even those she beat for the position of apprentice grudgingly admit she is the best for her position. She is wholly dedicated to the continued preservation of her people’s past, and holds herself personally accountable to singularly insure her people maintain their footing in Neverland. Guardian of the rituals and green magic specific to the Piccaninny, for being so young, she holds power consistent almost with the Chief, and no one can deny the sway her words hold. Even so, she is a restless creature; her job is a hard one, even if it is one she embraced fully and freely, and Misae sometimes struggles to balance her personal desires with her beloved clan work.

She does find time to relax when she can, though. Just as free with affection as she is with her sage words, when she’s not seeking the company of other minds and bodies, she is wandering, soaking up the knowledge of the island the only ways she knows how. She listens, feels, and takes tendrils of memory and the land’s natural charms from the very creatures and plants that inhabit the island, thoughts and feelings left over from a harsh winter not so long ago. It’s a rather unique gift that is afforded most Keeper’s, a bit of old voodoo that only becomes stronger with time and practice. The fragments become her new tales, her new stories, and they weave themselves into the threads of her very being and, likewise, into the fabric of her people’s history; it’s a Keeper’s purpose to remember, and to rebuild, and to reinvent. There is something deeper to her than the historians of old, though, a latent power that swirls just out of reach. Mired in potential and duty, Misae’s capabilities are just starting to show; when the time comes to harness her raw potential, it won’t merely be an argument of life or death, but of clan or self.



Anonymous: It's so sad to see this roleplay dying out. It used to be so alive but now it's so dead and it's like you're not even trying anymore as admins, I mean the main is barely ever updated these days. Maybe you should put in a little more effort into promoting and trying to bring people into the roleplay, but if it keeps being the way it is then it's probably going to die in no time.

It’s new’s to me that we’re “dying out”; going through a slow spell can be trying, yes, but no one is giving up on this roleplay, much less Alli or I. For a lot of people, especially our high amount of college-age players, this time of year is crammed full of events, projects, and traveling. Many are on hiatuses, and other’s are often busy with academia if they are not. Our rp is subject to the basic rule that applies to any roleplay and/or roleplayer: real life comes first. 

On the subject of us “putting in a little more effort”, I’m also a tad stumped. What on the main should we update? If there’s nothing to update, why fill the main with useless text posts? That detracts from what players and prospective-players are there for: information, answers, and help. We’re promoting just as much as we have been. We still have apps coming in. To suggest we’re “waning” in our fervor to keep this roleplay in top condition sounds like an uninformed conclusion you’ve made: I assure you, this roleplay is perfectly fine, and will continue to be for a long time to come.

- Admin Caitie



There’s an albatross around your neck, all the things you’ve said and the things you’ve done. Can you carry it with no regrets? Can you stand the person you’ve become?”—

Capri is what most would and wouldn’t expect from one of the briny folk. Worldly and quiet, he has a very regal air about him, something both off putting and mystical that can repulse as much as it draws in. As the merfolk are a hated group on principle alone (and many of them would argue, wrongfully so), he is one of the very small handful of mer to come fully of age, having been just quick enough or just sly enough or just plain smart enough to keep out of the way of fishermen and pirate alike for this long. He knows his way around the island, knows every underwater tunnel and crevice like the back of his hand, and even for being so young, he is, by mer standards, awkwardly mature. He is almost something now unheard of, a inhabitant of the murky undertow that sees no fun in tempting mortality like he did when he was a pup, and on occasion, it leaves him lonely, but undoubtedly safer. Capri has faced the world of humans and come from it scarred but wise, educated on the do’s and the don’ts; there is no draw to the chaos of the earth like there is for the younger generations, and he believes he’s already gotten his fill of what hooks and nets can do to a merman without needing a refresher.

In his struggle to contend with old traditions and new ways, Capri is something of a cynic, often believing from the get go that each person is out for their own stake in life and nothing more. With a silver tongue and a icy wit, his honesty comes to him like a fish takes to water, words either as warm as honey or as cold as a winter wind caressing the mind. He can be brutishly blunt when he desires to be, but if his chilly exterior can be peeled away, he is revealed for what he really is: a thinker, a tactician, a sweet old soul. Once befriended, he is surprisingly loyal, just as quick with affection as he is with snide remarks out of his comfort zone. Gentle, if not cautious, he is what most merfolk try to make an example of, but find their younger, reckless generation lacking.

Capri has no time for the more conniving of his people, nor does he hold much value in “kinship” unless a relationship has been struck up with him. He keeps to himself, helps when he deems it likely to spur the best outcome to a situation, and more times than not, can be found just as often on land as he can at the tide pools or beaches the mermaids call home; years of wandering and adventuring in his “youth” have made his feet sturdier then most merfolk, but only by a fraction. While he is not as particular about running into the arms of disaster as his comrades are, he still sees the island for what it is: beautiful, wild and free, if enjoyed in doses. He sees beauty where most wouldn’t, skill where other’s would think none existed, and while some of his people have used this to bring about terrible things, he celebrates these uniquities in his own small way instead of turning them to his advantage. Though marked as sour and overly careful, once Capri is given focus, something that both works his mind as well as his curiosity, he is anything but.



All OCs shall be retired and all original bios will be reopened.

Anonymous: Could retired characters ever come back?

I think it’s entirely circumstantial. If a past player found the time again to return and wanted to take up their old character(s) once more, we’ve had instances of that in the past with varying degrees of success. Otherwise, no, sadly, retired characters are put on ice and can not “return” in the playable sense. Unless killed off, all retired characters are still alive, just not active, and serve very much like NPCs.

- Admin Caitie


It’s time to prove to your friends that you’re worth a damn. Sometimes that means dying, sometimes it means killing a whole lot of people. This is blood for blood and by the gallons!

Congratulations, Sorra! You have landed the role of Starling. Please send in your account within 24 hours.

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» PLOT EVENT #1 AFTERMATH: Sparks Under A Smoke Filled Sky

The gentle winds rolling in off the shore ruffle the ash that lies upon the ground, whisking it about the mangled corpses of the burnt trees that lean nearby, twisted abominations of charred wood that stand guard over the scorched, dead earth that lies at their feet. The eastern coastline is nothing but shades of brown, black, and gray for as long as the eye can see, destruction in every direction compared to the majesty of the fires that had graced it’s land with orange flame but hours before.

The fires from the Devil’s sabotage burned for three days off and on, turning the island into a smoke-laden wasteland, and every inhabitant, every creature, can feel the shift in Neverland that has taken place. Activity is tentative at first: a few fairies here, a Lost Child there. One by one, they start to come out of hiding, streaked in soot and quavering on the edges, hover or walk or fly over the carnage, taking in what has been wrought, and every soul that wanders along the trails and hills of cinder recognize the storm that is now so close on the horizon. Some have lost their homes, their friends, and the cries of the lost souls off shore are soon accompanied by the injured and the misplaced inland, mourning the once lush land now laid bare beneath them. For now the second time in years, Neverland grows hushed, mournful, and the silence stretches as far as the fires had.


  • Neverland has been dealt a great blow by the fires. The whole of the eastern coastline has suffered heavy damages by the flames. Echo Cave, the eastern point of the Neverwood, Mermaid Lagoon, and the Hangman’s Tree have all suffered large but varying degrees of damage. The woods surrounding or close to these areas are either burned down or severely damaged by the smoke, soot, or flames.
  • Some embers were carried far inland by the winds, and a few small fires started closer near Cannibal Cove and Neverpeak Mountain, but these were snuffed out more easily, and only a small amount of damage is visible here.
  • The most western areas, such as Witch’s Hut, Crocodile Creek, Pixie Hollow, and Devil’s Tree are, for the most part, untouched.
  • The Pirates have sustained, collectively, the worst damage and many of the counted casualties. The ship, the Jolly Roger, is currently uninhabitable, but not a lost cause, as the Devil’s had intended. The captain’s quarter’s, Braddock’s medicinal office, and both sails were destroyed to varying degrees, with the rest of the ship mostly scorched but whole. Much of the pirate’s reserves have been depleted, and the remaining pirates have set up a small camp on the eastern shore with whatever supplies they can salvage to regroup and repair.


  • Any paras/convos that concerned the event and are not completed yet should be written out till completion.
  • Starters (new paras and convos) may now be resumed again as they normally would, but keep in mind what has happened to the island: most anything anyone will talk about is the fire, and be aware that many of the character’s homes or friends may have been damaged or lost in the flames. Keep what has happened in mind as you continue into the aftermath.
  • Some characters have received injuries during the event; don’t forget any wounds your character may have received.

The event is now officially over. Thank you all for your patience and your participation!

Anonymous: It's really unfair to people who want certain characters, but the character is taken and the person who has those characters are barely active.

Well, dear anon, that all comes down to your personal opinions on how active a roleplayer must be to accurately portray a character or characters. We accept people with full knowledge of their activity levels, and what they will bring to the table as a character. If some are much more active than others, than that is simply how the cookie crumbles. It seems a touch unfair to throw shade on our abilities to properly maintain the players in our rp, but I will forever ere on the side of taking no side and humbly request the sole responsibility to dictate who is and who isn’t fit to be a certain character in our roleplay. Our condolences, but we will not apologize for enforcing our policies the way we do.

- Admin Caitie


"He often went out alone, and when he came back you were never absolutely certain whether he had an adventure or not. He might have forgotten it so completely that he said nothing about it; and then when you went out you found the body. "
- J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan

Many things thought dead and forgotten have stirred awake upon Pan’s return, and the pirates have no intention of letting the Boy King lord over them, never again. There is an uproar in Neverland: friend is pitted against friend, foes become allies all in the name of survival, and the battle over power is now under way with fervor.

Which side will you take?


Acceptances every Tuesday and Friday
at 6PM EST

OC Apps are OPEN
Bio Requests are CLOSED

Females: 13 / Males: 15

OC Male Devils
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Open since December 7, 2013

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