Anonymous: Any merman's bio coming up any time soon?

Nothing in the works, currently, but if you’d like to request a certain FC or a character on the FC list, or even request a bio, we’d be more than happy to write something up for you, off anon.

- Admin Caitie

Admin Notice: Oops!

Hello everyone! Sorry for seemingly disappearing; I went on a roadtrip for a little less than a week and queued a post to explain where I’d be, but apparently tumblr fumbled and didn’t post it when I scheduled. Sorry for the mix up, and for anyone who sent in apps while I was away and Alli was on vacation. Just to jump back into the schedule, any apps will be accepted/declined today at our usual time. Sorry for the mix up, we’ll endeavor not to have something like this happen again!

- Admin Caitie

Anonymous: What are open?

All the open characters are marked as open and are in the open tag.

- Admin Caitie


It’s time to prove to your friends that you’re worth a damn. Sometimes that means dying, sometimes it means killing a whole lot of people. This is blood for blood and by the gallons!

Congratulations, Jer! You have landed the role of Nacre. Please send in your account within 24 hours.

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Anonymous: Is Tink open?

No, she’s taken as of current.

- Admin Caitie


“They’re trying to come back, all my senses push. Untie the weight bags I never thought I could…Steady feet, don’t fail me now; gonna run till you can’t walk.”—

Maki Arisu gets the job done. Ever since her girlhood, she had been like that; efficient, intelligent, and always facing forward. The only daughter of a rōnin and a merchant’s daughter, she was taught the way of the warriors of old, and given what little education could be provided to someone of her status in 17th century Japan. After her mother’s death left the family without a caretaker and her ronin father further pressed to find work, as the only woman of the household, she was put in charge of maintaining their quaint lodgings and it’s inhabitants, but she was a wild flower among the cracked wood work of the city all the same; her father often commented that if she’d been born to a wealthier man, she’d have had noble boys and men hanging off her every word, but Arisu wasn’t interested in such trivial things. Her father was a tough man with little time for family but bounds of paternal affection; when he was not making a living running security on caravans, he taught his tall, wispy daughter how to wield daisho, and when she became of age, his two swords went to his eldest: her.

Though women were not valued members of society, Arisu had the knowledge of the streets and the brain of a tactician, and she put both to good use. She was taught everything she’d need to be a samurai’s wife, but she was more than that, and both she and her father knew it. Brought up to have humility in the face of adversity, but the awareness of self to know when enough was enough, she could have brought great honor back to her family name…but when her honor and purity were encroached upon by a man while she was at home alone, her hand was forced, and she left a trail of blood in her wake. Not wishing to see his daughter shamed further, Arisu’s father took the brunt of blame for the man’s seemingly wrongful death, and was killed in turn as a form of appeasement. Arisu never forgave herself, and, in a fit, ran away, the first time in her life she ever turned tail instead of grabbing the bull by the horns. She herself doesn’t quite remember how she ended up on the Dutch ship, caked in mud with her hair hurriedly tucked under a wicker cap, but she’s been on the sea since then, the roving onna-bugeisha with no master, no home, and no family.

Arisu, who prefers her formal family name of Maki, has been on the Jolly Roger before Hook was more than a cabin boy. No one’s particularly sure how she came to be on the ship, but she’s as much a part of it as it is a part of her. Well versed in the needs and care of weaponry, she helps Mr. Valentine maintain the Roger’s extensive armory, mainly focusing her expertise on rapiers and cutlasses than cannons and guns. She never speaks of her past, nor does she do much talking to begin with, but she’s found a home among the waterlogged boards of the ship, one she never thought she’d have again.There will always be some debate as to whether her loyalties are to the ship herself or the crew or strictly the captain, but everyone knows that if it needs to be done, you call on Maki.



Anonymous: Diego Barrueco as a native?

An interesting suggestion. We’ll take it into consideration, anon!

- Admin Caitie


Admin Notice: Confessions Blog Now OPEN

Hello everyone. We have a very special announcement for everyone: we have started our confessions blog, and it is up and running! Come and check it out, and read the rules before you submit! Have fun!

- Admin Caitie & Admin Alli

Anonymous: do you accept fc changes?

It depends on the character in question, but we are always willing to talk about an FC change, yes!

- Admin Caitie

"He often went out alone, and when he came back you were never absolutely certain whether he had an adventure or not. He might have forgotten it so completely that he said nothing about it; and then when you went out you found the body. "
- J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan

Many things thought dead and forgotten have stirred awake upon Pan’s return, and the pirates have no intention of letting the Boy King lord over them, never again. There is an uproar in Neverland: friend is pitted against friend, foes become allies all in the name of survival, and the battle over power is now under way with fervor.

Which side will you take?


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